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Choosing a Carpet

When deciding what carpet to buy for your home, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Color: The advent of carpet fiber stain technology brought about a revolution in color possibilities. Homeowners, no longer fearing the use of light colored carpets, demand wider color choices. In general, darker shades create a dramatic effect, while lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness.

Style: There are three basic carpet constructions: cut pile, loop pile and cut & loop pile. When making your selection, ask your American Carpet expert what style will work best in the area you wish to have the carpet installed.

Texture: Carpet texture establishes the character of a room or home, from the formal look of cut pile velvet Saxony to the casual look of frieze. The texture of carpet allows you to express your personality and lifestyle. A heavily textured carpet will also help hide foot prints.

Density: Density is how tightly each fiber is stitched together. To avoid a crushed and matted appearance, choose a carpet with high density.

Twist: Twist is how many times the fiber is twisted together in a one-inch length. The twist relates directly to the carpet´┐Żs performance. A poorly twisted carpet may unravel giving a frayed and shaggy appearance.

Cushion: Cushion relates to the padding installed under the carpet. A denser padding typically increases comfort and durability.

Cleaning: In order to keep your carpet and floor in the best possible condition: Vacuum on a regular basis and have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. To view carpet care guidelines follow this link

Stain Resistant Technology

Stains that may alter or destroy dyes in stain-resistant carpets are red wine, pool chemicals, oven and toilet bowl cleaners, and furniture polish. Many common stains can be removed by blotting with water; water and a non-bleaching, mild detergent solution; or other technique. However, the stain resistant technology may require cleaning procedures different than those used in the past, and consumers are urged to refer to the specific recommendations of the carpet or fiber manufacturer before attempting home or professional cleaning solutions. Using chemicals or procedures not recommended in the manufacturer's cleaning guides may nullify the warranty in the stained area. Manufacturers may also note that there can be slight loss of the stain resistance in high traffic areas and may exclude those areas in their warranty.

Manufacturer's recommendations differ on applying additional finishes or in-home protective treatments. Some manufacturers specify that certain types of topical treatments added to the carpet in the home may nullify the warranty. Avoid spraying or adding any topical treatments such as bactericides, biocides, fungicides, anti-statics or soil resistors not approved by the manufacturer. Your American Carpet expert can offer sound advice on how to care for your new carpet.

Because carpet fiber manufacturer's recommendations and warranties vary, refer to the specific warranty and recommendations of each manufacturer before adding treatment to the carpet. Some carpet fiber manufacturers offer toll-free numbers as a service to their customers. Examples of these companies and their products are Koch Stainmaster® (800/438-7668), Solutia Wear-Dated® Stain Blocker (800/633-3208), Honywell Anso Smart Line® (800/441-8185), and 3M Scotchgard™ (800/433-3296).