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Carpet Installation Torrance CA

When you are looking for new flooring that will add warmth and comfort to your home, American Carpet Inc. offers excellent carpet installation in Torrance, CA. We provide a great selection of carpets available in many designs, patterns and colors that will match with any décor style. Our collection includes the finest carpets from top-brands such as Alexander Smith, American Showcase, Stainmaster, Legendary Beauty, Infinity, Softique and many more. Our flooring specialists will help you pick out the perfect carpeting option that will meet the needs and functionality of your space.

Carpets retain heat and keep your room warm during cold weather which may help minimize your energy costs. Carpets are also a great option for those suffering with allergies as they improve air quality by keeping dust and other allergens from circulating into the air. In addition to being comfortable to walk on, carpeting can help to cushion falls if you have small children running and playing in your home. Our team will help you select the carpet that is best for your home and family and ensure that the Torrance carpet installation is done properly to last many years to come.

Carpet Installation
Carpet Installation

Torrance Carpeting Installers

Our Torrance carpet installers will help you choose the type of carpet that is right for your space by helping you understand the benefits that the four basic fiber options offer so that you can select the best choice available. 

Nylon carpet is a soft, yet strong and resilient fiber that maintains its texture and color. It is also resistant to fading and staining, and is easy to clean. This makes nylon carpets the perfect option for spaces that stains may occur such as living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and basements.

Polypropylene (Olefin fibers) carpeting is one of the least porous types of fibers. It is highly resistant to moisture, mildew, stains and chemicals in cleaners which makes it easy to clean. Polypropylene carpets are also fade resistant because during the fiber fabrication color is then added and not applied later. This type of carpet is great for use in kitchens, dens, and playrooms.

Polyester (P.E.T.) carpets are an environmentally friendly flooring option because they are made from recycled P.E.T. products such as plastic soda bottles. Polyester fiber is great at maintaining its strength and color over time. This type of carpet cleans easily and is fade, stain, and abrasion resistant.

Wool carpets are not only soft and luxurious, but are also a natural, hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly fiber option. Wool is durable, resilient, crush resistant and easy to maintain. Dust, dirt, and oil-based stains come out easily because wool will not absorb soil. Wool carpeting put in by our carpet installers in Torrance adds comfort to your space and performs well in rooms with high traffic areas.

Advanced Generation Nylons are also known as “branded fibers” because they have a specific brand name. There are certain differences when choosing branded rather than unbranded carpets. Branded fibers are produced with a strict set of guidelines and offer better performance, static, stain, and crush resistance. The fibers are treated with stain and soil resistant resins that were applied during the dyeing process. American Carpet Inc. offers a wonderful selection of branded fibers including Premier Stainmaster®, Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber® and Softique®.

American Carpet Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality carpeting and professional carpet installation for customers in Torrance, CA. Our experienced team has the skills and tools needed to properly install your new carpet. We are here to help you throughout the entire process from choosing the right carpeting that fits your style and the functionality of your space to efficiently installing it so that you will enjoy it over the long term.