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How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring for Your Los Angeles Home

Offering tremendous visual appeal, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements, hardwood floors remain a top choice for homeowners across Los Angeles. With such a large number of incredible hardwood options to select from, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to figure out what to look for and then pinpoint the ideal fit. If you’re wondering how to choose the right hardwood flooring for your Los Angeles home, American Carpet Inc. is here to help. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable flooring specialists that are fully dedicated to ensuring that you end up with the kind of hardwood floors that match with your stylistic preferences while meeting your requirements at the same time.
Choosing right hardwood flooring Los Angeles, CA home
Finding best deals Los Angeles, CA hardwood floors

Many property owners are drawn to hardwood flooring because it has an elegance and natural charm to it that adds warmth and coziness to any room it is installed. It is also known to be a very sturdy and resilient flooring material that can withstand a substantial amount of foot and paw traffic. As one of the leading Los Angeles hardwood flooring companies around, American Carpet Inc. has an abundance of style, stain, color, and wood species options available to help you find the variety best suited for your specific property. 

Finding the Best Deals in LA for Hardwood Floors

A fundamental aspect of choosing the right hardwood floors for your home in Los Angeles is selecting the type itself. As its name suggests, Solid Hardwood consists entirely of solid wood. When considering the viability of Solid Hardwood for your house, it is important to keep in mind that it typically needs to be stapled or nailed onto a wooden subfloor. It is also prone to expanding or shrinking, meaning that it will not be a good option for any room that experiences drastic temperature fluctuations or high levels of moisture.

If you are interested in hardwood but are concerned about moisture damage, Engineered Hardwood is often an excellent alternative. While Engineered Hardwood is similar to Solid Hardwood in that both are made completely of wood, the former has a particular cross-ply construction and is made by fastening multiple layers together. It is also known as Waterproof Hardwood because swings in temperature and humidity do not cause the material to expand or contract. With Engineered Hardwood, you get the visual appeal of wood with the advantages that come with the specific manufacturing process.

Two additional options for Los Angeles hardwood flooring are Cork and Bamboo. A sustainable material, Cork flooring derives from the bark of the Cork Tree. While Cork offers protection against insects, mildew, bacteria, and other sources of rot and decay, it is easier to dent or scratch than other varieties and does not perform well in moisture-rich locations. Cork flooring has nevertheless become increasingly in-demand as it is comfortable and assists with noise reduction. A type of grass rather than tree material, Bamboo is firmer than some other kinds of hardwood flooring and is also more environmentally friendly. It is resistant to flame damage, and can be floated, glued, or nailed down.

Top Hardwood Flooring Company for Homes in Los Angeles - American Carpet Inc.

Other important considerations for choosing hardwood flooring are species, color, and width. As far as species are concerned, it is estimated that there are now more than 1,000 kinds of wood, Cork, and Bamboo available for use. Species vary in terms of their specific advantages as well as in their overall level of hardness. Commonly used, Ash, Maple, and Oak tend to fare well in areas that experience a lot of foot traffic. For something a bit more unique, there are also a number of exotic species like Santos Mahogany and Tigerwood that have interesting characteristics.

Los Angeles hardwood floors come in a range of incredible colors, from browns to reds, grays, and even off-white and black. When thinking of overall room design, we recommend establishing a visual contrast between your walls, furniture, and flooring. Colors on the lighter end of the spectrum are somewhat neutral and help to make room interiors feel more spacious. Medium colors have a richness and coziness to them, and dark colors tend to give off a more upscale and modern feel. 

Board width is yet another factor to think about, as it can significantly impact how your floor looks. Anything over 3 inches in width is called a plank, and anything less than that is known as a strip. Whereas planks give off a pleasant rustic feel, strips tend to make rooms appear larger than they actually are. It is also worth noting that wide plank hardwood can benefit a sizable room but overpower anything on the smaller side.

Selecting the ideal hardwood flooring for your LA home can truly make a difference in how the property is perceived. Our flooring experts are always ready and able to assist you in determining which types, species, colors, and widths are best capable of meeting your specific needs. No matter what you end up selecting, hardwood is considered to be a valuable home investment. American Carpet Inc. would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. To learn more about all we have to offer, please reach out to us at (310) 523-3648 today.