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Best Waterproof Hardwood Flooring in Compton CA

Hardwood is a highly sought after flooring material as it does a wonderful job of enhancing a home’s visual appeal and overall comfort. At American Carpet Inc., our unmatched selection of wood species, stains, and finishes means that we have viable options to fit virtually any style. For those seeking flooring solutions that are the most impervious to water damage, we are pleased to offer the best waterproof hardwood flooring in Compton, CA. Our skilled installation team will assist you in determining the ideal waterproof hardwood that adheres to your needs as well as your stylistic preferences. Whether your property has a classic look, modern look, or anything in between, we have top-quality products that clients adore. As hardwood flooring itself is typically long-lasting, thus making it a solid investment, waterproof hardwood can be even more robust.

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While natural hardwood flooring options are fantastic in their own right, problems can occur quickly when they are subjected to anything more than just a tiny bit of moisture. In situations where there is too much water or other liquids allowed to remain on the floor, the natural material will often suffer from swelling, warping, and even rot or mold. What’s worse, hardwood floors damaged in this manner usually require replacement rather than repair. Thankfully, this is where our Compton engineered hardwood flooring (treated flooring) comes in.

Simply put, waterproof hardwood flooring is natural wood that has been modified through various means to become safeguarded against damage from liquids. For maximum protection, this flooring includes a quality protective finish that helps not only with water but with wear and tear that can otherwise accumulate over time. One major benefit of these floors is that they are far less likely than natural hardwood to expand and contract due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Additionally, it features a cross-ply construction that allows for installation above grade, below grade, and even over concrete. When installed, it is usually stapled or glued down, or otherwise floated over flooring already in place.

Compton Engineered Hardwood Floors

With so many incredible options for waterproof hardwood flooring in Compton, finding the right fit for your property may seem a bit intimidating. Don’t worry though, as our friendly flooring specialists are always available to discuss your needs and pinpoint the best available solutions. When selecting materials, three things to consider are wood species, color, and width.

There are numerous types of hardwood, each with its own benefits and best use cases. With this variety of species comes a variety of colors as well. In addition to common browns, there are also tans, grays, reds, and even off-white and black. Different colors create unique feels. Whereas medium colors often create a cozy feeling, dark is associated with modernity and lavishness, and lighter colors are more neutral and create a sense of spaciousness. We highly recommend choosing a flooring color that produces a nice contrast against any furniture in the room as well as the surrounding walls. As far as widths go, there are strips (less than 3 inches wide) and planks (3 inches or wider). Board width is an important consideration as it can significantly impact the floor’s overall appearance. Strips tend to make a room seem larger than it truly is. Planks provide a more rustic feel to the room. With width selection, it is worthwhile to note that wide width hardwood flooring typically works best for larger rooms rather than smaller ones.

Top Compton Waterproof Hardwood Floor Installation

Our flooring company has proudly served residential and commercial customers across Los Angeles County since 1981. We have an extensive and unparalleled inventory of flooring materials from many top brands, including exclusive brands. All of our team members have in-depth flooring knowledge as well as ample experience helping customers get what they need at very reasonable prices. When it comes to Compton waterproof hardwood flooring products and installation services, there’s no better company than American Carpet Inc. To get started, please visit a showroom or call (310) 523-3648 today.